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Quality Construction, Clear Up Front Pricing, Personal Attention

Equity Builders of SML is a custom home builder and contractor. Contemporary, traditional or modern, Equity Builders is well known for our attention to detail and for building livable homes our customers desire.Every home is a mix of design, quality, time, budget and most importantly the goals and ideas of our customer.

There is no shortage of beautiful homes around Smith Mountain Lake. However, we have noticed that many are not built to best serve the way people actively live. Equity Builder believes your home should be beautfiul and functional. People have a routine they follow, paths and patterns to navigate around the home. A home that is open feels healthier because it flows better. Busy traffic areas require more room to move and should be open and easier to get to. Rooms where people tend to gather should be flexible and feel comfortable. Our homes are designed for the way you live.

Customers come to us with a wish list. Our goal is to provide top quality at an affordable price. We work with the latest materials to maximize home investment through innovative design and construction. No wasted space, no over build, and no wasted time. Our customers get more value and more home for their money. This benefit is built into every Equity Builders home.

We pride ourselves in delivering projects on time and on budget. Our customer focused building process, along with hands on in-field management, ensures our projects are completeed to the highest standards.

Upfront honesty eliminates any surprises and additional costs. Straight-forward contracts include everything you want in the beginning, and don’t show up as “additions” at the end.

All of our contracts and specifications are written in plain language that is easy to read and understand, so the customer knows exactly what they are getting, the exact cost involved, and a time frame with start and finish details.

Our Residential Services include:
Construction plans
Committee & POA approvals
Building & General Contracting
All phases of construction
Custom Homes
Renovations & Additions

  Equity Builders of SML, Inc. BBB Business Review