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Paving and Asphalt Work

A driveway is an important part of your landscape in complimenting your home and it’s surroundings. Equity Builders prides itself on quality, construction, and personal service. Whether it’s asphalt, gravel, or concrete, durability is a must.

Our driveways are constructed for durability, minimum maintenance, and functionality.

No two jobs are alike. Soil conditions, terrain, and aesthetics all require a unique solution. Equity Builders provide a written proposal outlining work to be performed with a firm start and finish date, and a finished product that is low maintenance and complimentary to your property. With an asphalt driveway there is less dust, dirt and mud brought into your home. Every Equity Builders driveway is built with the appropriate drainage to carry surface water from your home / garage.

Equity Builders driveways are built with durability in mind- from the ground up. What goes underneath is as important as what covers the top. We insure proper placement, compaction, and drainage to give you the best possible job.

Surface treating ( tar & gravel ) is an additional service Equity Builders offers both in residential and subdivisions . We also work with subdivisions for planning ,budgets and maintenance work such as road repairs, surface treating ,patching ,ditch cleaning and culvert repair .

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