Joe Bidwell
575 Black Water Hills Drive
Glade Hill, VA 24092


Equity Buildersy is one of the Roanoke Valley's best homebuilders for a reason. They don’t focus on hammer and nails: we focus on the client. We can build anything, but what we want to build is the home of your dreams. We're not building for us: we're building for you.

Craftsmanship isn't important only in the finishes you see. It's central to every aspect of building a home. From designing a home, locating it on the lot, and in the construction work itself, the quality of the product depends on the care taken in each step. Although primarily known as a custom homebuilder, we have the capability to develop raw land: design it, shape it, build the underground infrastructure and roadways, design and build your home, and finish the landscaping. This allows us control over the quality of the process start to finish. It ensures that every aspect of it combines seamlessly to complete the home of your dreams.

Equity Builders have been doing this for decades. They take pride in their work, and it shows. Equity Builders are enthusiastic about what we do. Our renaissance workers have mastered multiple crafts, from concrete work to finish carpentry and tile setting. Because we have that breadth of experience on our staff, the quality of our work is unparalleled.

Our homes integrate flawlessly. The exquisite finishes aren't surface treatments, but are the natural result of building it right from the core. The advanced smart home technologies we offer aren't afterthoughts or gadgets, they're centrally designed and carefully crafted to make the home work better. The floor plan we design for you isn't something we got from somewhere else: it's specifically drafted to meet your lifestyle.

  Equity Builders of SML, Inc. BBB Business Review