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Two by Six exterior walls with insulation in floors, walls, and attic spaces properly installed will help with consistent temperatures and lower HVAC equipment run time.

High performance windows and doors with energy star rating and protective coatings decrease harmful rays from the sun and help cooling in summertime.

Energy rated house wrap and sealant

Duct work that is properly sealed will stave off drafts, moisture, mold, pollen and reduce noise.

High effeciency heating and cooling equipment will lower energy cost, reduce run time, and lower noise to create a confotrable living environment.

Minimal Construction material waste

Green homes can utilize energy star products such as appliances, lighting fixtures and compact florescent bulbs to reduce energy cost even further.

Other options include:
Recycled building materials
Geo-thermo heating
Icynene insulation systems
Complete home air exchangers
Energy friendly landscapes

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